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Gold price Apple Watch

Apple Watch and the gold markt

Who is then now the new gorilla in the gold market? It is an enterprise, in 09. Sept. In 2014 has introduced his new products. A product of it contains massive gold. If the information from the American Wall Street tunes journal, 1 million pieces should be sold to that of the golden product month. So the calculation. This could release an inquiry increase of 750 tonnes of gold.

Gold price apple watch

This corresponds to 30 percent of the worldwide golden mine production. Of course we speak here of Apple and his golden Apple Watch, more exactly said from the Apple Watch edition. According to the Wall Street journal Apple per month should sell approx. 1 million pieces of the golden Apple Watch edition. If every clock contains 2 ounces gold, there are 62. 2 grammes clock. This would mean that Apple would have to buy 746 tonnes of gold for it to to produce this clock. And these would be 30% of the worldwide golden looks production. Is this realistic? If one supposes that the market does not grow for luxury watches around a blow clearly, would have to reach Apple 45 percent of the luxury watch market. And this relatively fast to achieve these sales aims. Yearly 27 million Swiss luxury watches are sold. Rolex possibly sells 600,000 watches yearly and one estimates that with it about 4. 7 milliard euros are moved. Apple would spend just by the golden purchases on the Uhrenherstellungcirca 30 milliard dollars if the information from the Wall Street tunes journal. The Apple Watch edition should be clearly expensive than 4,000 euros as before accepted Therefore it is more expensive than the most expensive Mac or the most expensive Apple Compute. If we go out from an example calculation for the golden Apple Watch of 5,000 dollars each. Then the 60 milliard dollars of turnover in the year by the sales of the Apple Watch would be an edition. In the business year 2014 has achieved Apple 182 milliard dollars of turnover. More turnover could bring 32 percent so the golden Apple Watch with Apple if the data from the Wall Street tune journal and our prize estimates. Both is speculative, because the Wall Street journal has rested on situation-conditioned circles without calling further details.

Gold has liked since 2013 of 1,800 dollars on 1.135 dollars. This was released of the fact that approx. 800 tonnes were sold by golden owners during the last 2 years to reinvest it somewhere else, for example, in shares. If Apple had to buy now 750 tonnes of gold to build the golden Apple Watch, then this gap would be filled. Then in this case would be to be supposed, moreover that investors jump up speculatively with on the train to buy gold then simply also. The golden low-pressure area from November, 2014 lay with 1. 135 dollars. This could have been therefore the low-pressure area of the bear’s market if the figures of the Wall Street of journal are right. Rather still if Apple really struck as we explain in this contribution here with the figures of the Wall Street of journal and our projection, then the prices of gold are more than 2,000 dollars again in reach.

Well, after now the golden Apple Watch with the other models was published and the prices were announced, it has nailed up to many the language. Even the Apple Watch from the high-grade steel case already costs about the 1,000 euros. But the Apple Watch edition has shot with her price from from 11,000 euros the bird. For whom this clock is produced or is aimed rather said on which target group them, now might be quite clear. After we have heard this price, has struck us immediately that the golden price might not be concerned, however, so strongly by the golden shopping of Apple. But we may be covered which effect the construction of the Apple Watch edition and the matching purchase of the gold affect the golden price. What may not be forgotten of course now, is the service to let gild the Apple Watch. Since though with this method to get an Apple Watch edition edition is not processed like with Apple Watch according to present estimates approximately 40 grammes of gold approximately 2-3 grammes of gold separate. Now according to our estimate, many which can afford now no Apple Watch edition will buy an Apple Watch from high-grade steel and these connect to www. fruittune. com to send to let gild her Watch. With it a new target group is demanded in future. Can perform because those who would like to carry with pleasure a golden Apple Watch, however, this to themselves in the original not. Whether Apple has thought to itself about that, a riddle remains up to now. And whether thereby the golden price is influenced, only one speculation also remains up to now. But it should not disturb us at the moment, because now we fulfil to thousands of your dreams, those of the golden Apple Watch.