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Gold plated Apple Watch – the waiting is finished

Apple Watch – the waiting is finished

For months Apple fans wait for the beginning of the advance booking of new Apple Watch. At the end of April was now finally so far it. Tens of thousands ordered and wait already their clock hot on the day of the delivery. But many Apple fans are also disappointed. Those, which already decided for months for golden Apple Watch, cannot afford it. Apple would like full 11,000 EUR at least for a golden Watch edition. The housing and the catch of the bracelet consist of solid gold. The variant in the rose gold is still more expensive thereby. One must put 18,000 EUR down for it. For those mostly an astronomical price. Many had counted on the fact that golden Apple Watch will be more expensive. But with this price the dream bursts for many.

Apple Watch plate – the waiting is finished

With months-long announcement and presentation Apple Watch on its web page and the recent publication of the purchase price created Apple a variety at Apple fan, whose demand cannot be fulfilled now. Either one devotes now to the fate and buys a cheaper model, which is a little satisfying. Or one can be gilded its Apple Watch. A close lying idea, with which now already some companies went to the market. In the USA and Switzerland Apple fans can be able its Apple Watch to be already gilded. Either one buys in addition an Apple Watch before and continues to send this to a Vergolder. Or one orders the clock directly at the company and lets her gild.

Whether Apple did not see this market? Due to the immense prices for golden Apple Watch a new market developed, which Apple does not serve so far.

Gilder of Apple Watch require a fraction the original price of golden Apple Watch. Besides the customers a completely individual clock can let themselves be provided by the gold plating. Thus are the center of attention not only the imitation of original golden Apple Watch, but also individualizing. Munich the enterprise offers as the first in Germany the gold plating to Apple clock. Both in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. A partial gold plating and an engraving are likewise possible. accepts already orders. As soon as Apple Watch is available, this can be returned and receives some working days later the golden piece of splendour in the hand. An ingenious and simple possibility of having not to do without golden Apple Watch.